PolyGaj: the DeFi ecosystem created by a 13 years old developer

Aren’t we used to DeFi yield farming apps and liquidity pools? Everyone knows about Uniswap and ETH fees, about Binance Smart Chain and their low fees. About Cherryswap and their infinite testnets.

Recently, I’ve been talking about Polygon Dapps. Polygon (MATIC) is a scaling solution for ETH, just as Binance Smart Chain is. We can find a few new projects in Polygon that can really make us earn interest over our investment. In the future we will see more and more in this blockchain.

But, what if I told you that a 13 years old developer and programmer has built one of the pioneer yield farms and staking platforms?

I’m still amazed. When I was 13 I was just playing and doing homework. But this little guy has an amazing career at his short lifetime. He has taken more courses than I, at my 25s. He also has a Youtube channel with more than 7k followers, and his content is really amazing.

This is one of the fewest times that the person behind a farming platform is public, and he had made his intentions clear: he want to make PolyGaj works and have value.

Let’s analyze this project.

The GAJ token is designed to be the centerpiece of a family of DeFi products with Polygaj being the first dapp. The other products are due to be launched over the coming weeks. The GMAM token is going to be the centerpiece of a family of NFT + DeFi products. This will include NFT Staking, farming etc.
I want to build a long and sustainable vision for the GAJ & GMAM token which will include innovative products at the intersection of DeFi & NFT’s. Polygaj is just the beginning!

We’re not talking about just farming, just staking but also adding NFTs. I believe this is ground breaking because there’s no platform like this on Polygon. If this works this could become the “Pancakeswap” of Polygon. And I wanna be in.


The current emission rate of GAJ is 21,600 tokens every day. The Polygaj project will remain live and continue to mint tokens for a period of 180 days. This means that in total 3,888,000 tokens of GAJ will be minted in total. 100K tokens have been created before to kickstart this project and ecosystem.
Any kind of infinite minting is not sustainable. This has already been proven with many such projects being developed on Polygon, which are turning into pump and dump events. As described in the roadmap, the focus right now is to build more DeFi products. I will also be introducing the NFT products in the next quarter.

It’s simple, I’ve never seen such a clear and transparent vision in any project in the farming fever. Farming will have a clear end in an exact date. So all the GAJ token mined will be all the GAJ token in existence. Guys, come on!! 3.888 M tokens!!! I already a few of those that I’ve been mining with my MATIC coins. It’s a win win. I recently reviewed a project like this but in BSC named BSC Station. (I bought BSCS token at $0.1 and now it’s worth 0.7 with a peak in $1.11)

GAJ utility
Platform Fees (Buyback and burn)
Governance (to be implemented at a later phase)
Pay deposit fees for Mammoth Farming

50% of pool fees are used to buyback and burn the token and the other 50% is destined to Marketing & Development of the project. I’m not talking about 50% of the supply, I’m talking about the fees.

Who’s behind PolyGaj

This project is attributed to Gajesh S Naik, a 13 years old genious programmer. However, as a “detective” Even when it’s very weird that he doesn’t launch a video of his project right? Perhaps he’s only waiting to have an audited and more advanced project to market in his channel.

In his personal Twitter account he addresses himself as founder of PolyGaj

He has a prominent CV, website, social media that you should really check because it’s incredible.I’ll wait for an audit and I will jump with a lot of my $$ into this platform, instead of cobardly stake $100. Until that we’ll see how it works out.


Useful links





Gajesh social media:

🔥 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7PWnwwqMSqAXQkKXqxRkMw
🔥 Facebook Page: https://fb.me/naiksgajesh​
🔥 Podcast: https://anchor.fm/techwithgajesh​
🔥 Blogs on https://techwithgajesh.com
🔥 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naiksgajesh​
🔥 Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gajeshnaik​
🔥 Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/robogajesh​
🔥 Follow “Tech With Gajesh” Page: https://instagram.com/techwithgajesh




Blockchain gamer, scientist, books lover, crazy about good music and always happy to help. Physically asocial but virtually friendly

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Claudia Mejias

Claudia Mejias

Blockchain gamer, scientist, books lover, crazy about good music and always happy to help. Physically asocial but virtually friendly

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